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Awesome news guys! The cool folks at Adagio have been kind enough to help out with a giveaway for a complete collection of the Sherlock Tea blends. That is 11 bags of different tea featuring art work by yours truly. That’s about 50 servings in each bag. More if you re-steep your tea (which is possible with most of them). That is a LOT of tea. How bonkers is that? Very. It’s awesome. Here’s the lowdown on how to win A WHOLE BUNCH OF TEA.

  • Anyone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can enter! If you live outside of the U.S. I’ll foot the bill to get you some tea myself. Because odds are you are awesome and you deserve it.
  • You do not have to be following me to win, but it might be helpful to keep track of updates or changes (if any). Plus I plan to make some blends for other fandoms in the future, so if tea is your thing, it might not be a bad idea?
  • Only two reblogs a day allowed.I did not realize how often people would reblog my last give away soooo I’m going to enforce this LOL. You can reblog on as many days as you’d like, but yeah, only 2 reblogs a day please. I’ll be checking.
  • The give away will end and I will choose a winner on Wednesday March 7th. I’ll probably choose late at night on that day, so I’m going to say I’ll stop counting reblogs at 10 p.m. EST.
  • [ADDED] LIKES DON’T COUNT. Sorry! You have to reblog!

A big thanks to Adagio for hooking us up with some awesome tea, and for all of you for following me and encouraging my tea-y ways! Good luck everyone!

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